• The college has both two boy’s and one girl’s hostel. Boy’s hostel is situated in the college within the campus amidst a glistening panoramic view. The Girl’s hostel is located out of the campus at Nutan Nagar in Gaya town under the supervision of college administrators.
  • Both hostels provide comfortable and conducive atmosphere to develop the innate abilities of inmates. Indoor and outdoor facilities for sports and cultural activities (Reading rooms,common rooms, Entertainment &Amusement hall ) are available in the hostels .
  • The boy’s hostel has 102 rooms and can accommodate 240 students.
  • The Girl’s hostel has () which can accommodate() students.
  • Both the hostels are under the control of the warden, assisted by two assistant wardens.
  • All the hostels provides a hygenic mess facilities run by private organisation.

Boy’s hostel Incharge: Satyendra Kumar
Guards boy’s hostel: Shankar Kumar 
Girl’s hostel Incharge :
Guards Girl’s hostel:

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