Dr. Santosh Agarwal

QUALIFICATION: Ph.D from IIT(ISM,Dhanbad), M.Sc in Mathematics and Computing from IIT(ISM, Dhanbad), B.Sc from Vinoba Bhave University,

RESEARCH AREAS: Tribology, Fluid Mechanics

EMAIL: ismsant12@gmail.com

Falguni Roy

QUALIFICATION: PhD (On going) from IIT (Kharagpur), MSc from IIT (Kharagpur), BSc from The University Burdwan ,

RESEARCH AREAS: Analysis, Interval Linear Algebra, Numerical Analysis

EMAIL: falguni.roy.92@gmail.com

Rubi Arya

QUALIFICATION: Pursuing Ph.D from MNNIT Allahabad , M.Sc. in Mathematics from CCS University, B.Sc from CCS University ,

RESEARCH AREAS: : Fuzzy optimization and its application, fractional optimization

EMAIL: rubyarya2013@gmail.com